Our office offers the following seminars.

1 . AOE/COE: What to look for when determining compensability and how to
issue the appropriate denial under LC 5401.  Covering the statutory defenses
provided under the Labor Code as well as red flags indicating suspicious
2. Medical Treatment: How to handle initial control over medical treatment
and determining whether the right to medical control has transferred to the
applicant.  The roles of primary treating, secondary and consulting
3. AME/PQME: Whether and how to object to a medical determination, and how
to initiate an examination with an agreed medical examiner or panel
qualified medical examiner.
4. Return to Work/Work Restrictions: How and whether to offer an applicant
work after the applicant becomes permanent and stationary, and managing the
work restrictions imposed by a doctor.
5. Retaliation/132a: How to prevent LC 132a retaliation claims, and how to
manage them.
6. Serious & Willful claims: How to prevent claims of serious and willful
employer misconduct, and how to manage them.
7. Subrogation: When to file a civil claim against a negligent third party,
and how to coordinate the civil lawsuit alongside a workers’ compensation
8. Liens: How to resolve liens quickly and reduce employer liability.