Elayne Valdez v. Warehouse Demo Services

Elayne Valdez v. Warehouse Demo Services, ADJ7048296, 76 Cal. Comp.Cases
_____ (Appeals Board En Banc 9/27/11) affirms the Board’s prior holding
that, where unauthorized treatment is obtained for an industrial injury
outside a validly established and properly noticed Medical Provider Network
(MPN), the resulting non-MPN treatment reports are inadmissible.

Tsegay Messele v. Pitco Foods

Tsegay Messele v. Pitco Foods, Inc., ADJ7232076, 76 Cal. Comp.Cases _____,
(Appeals Board En Banc 9/26/11) provides that when the first written agreed
medical examiner proposal is made by any method other than personal service,
the period for seeking agreement on an AME under Labor Code section
4062.2(b) is extended five days if the party being served is within

Jose Guitron v. Santa Fe Extruders

Jose Guitron v. Santa Fe Extruders, ADJ163338, 76 Cal. Comp.Cases 228
(Appeals Board En Banc 3/17/11) provides that the employer is required to
provide reasonably required interpreter services during medical treatment
appointments for an injured worker who is unable to speak, understand, or
communicate in English.  Interpreter lien claimants have the burden of
proving, among other things, that the services it provided were reasonably
required, that the services were actually provided, that the interpreter was
qualified to provide the services, and that the fees charged were

Amelia Mendoza v. Huntington Hospital

Amelia Mendoza v. Huntington Hospital, ADJ6820138 & ADJ6820197 75
Cal.Comp.Cases 634 (Appeals Board En Banc June 3, 2010) provides that the
time limits of Labor Code section 4062(a) for objecting to a treating
physician’s medical determination do not apply when the injury has been
entirely denied by the defendant.